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Find the best freight rates within a few clicks, not days. The cargoha online marketplace gives you access to real-time quotes and available capacities of multiple freight forwarders/providers.


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    Easy logistics management with on-demand tracking, live updates, and proactive issue resolution from providers you can trust.


    Cargoha Team is available to help with every step of the shipment process, from documentation to delivery specifics

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Buck Phan


“I used to spend hours and hours looking for a reliable freight forwarder to ship a very important package, and had to accept high quotes when the situation was time sensitive. Since I know Cargoha, everything now is so simple like booking a flight ticket - just by a few clicks I can grab the best prices. I would definitely recommend this product to other enterprises.

Viet Nguyen


“Cargoha’s greatest strength compared to other solutions is its simplicity to use backed by advanced technology. Nowhere else am I able to receive the best quotes instantly, contact forwarders and track my shipment with ease - all in one place. The expert team is very knowledgeable and responsive whenever I need assistance. I will definitely come back often.”

Ngọc Anh

Sales Manager, P&L logistics

"As a newcomer sale agent in very competitive industry like logistics, I was more than happy to find Cargoha. The product really helps me reach new customers to meet company target, and allows me to serve them better with its management tool. I could receive more booking requests through the platform, and many of them have become my regular customers. Thanks Cargoha for making my job way easier!"